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where charlotte begins

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Explore CharlotteEAST Where Charlotte Begins

CharlotteEAST is the most vibrant, exciting part of our city – it’s a city within a city – plus a trip around the world.

We are CharlotteEAST – a community of business people, non-profits, and neighborhood representatives working together to improve our neighborhood’s future and quality of life for the people of CharlotteEAST through economic and social development.

As Charlotte rapidly grows and changes, the city’s east side is quickly becoming an area of excitement and progress. With its location close to downtown, beautiful established neighborhoods, and international and cosmopolitan flair, CharlotteEAST welcomes newcomers while maintaining the loyalty of longtime residents.

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Our Annual Food Tour Taste of the World

Taste of the World is a fun and delicious food tour of cuisine from across the globe – featuring restaurants all right here in beautiful east Charlotte. Let us be your guide for the 15th consecutive Taste of the World event and take your taste buds on a culinary expedition to these local treasures!