The Eastland Area Strategies Team (E.A.S.T.) is a volunteer board established to work toward the recommended goals of the Eastland Area Plan. We are business people, non-profits and neighborhood representatives working to improve the future and quality of life for the people of Charlotte East through economic development.

As Charlotte rapidly grows and changes, the city’s east side is quickly becoming an area of excitement and progress. With its location close to downtown, beautiful established neighborhoods, and international and cosmopolitan flair, Charlotte East welcomes newcomers while maintaining the loyalty of longtime residents.

Board of Directors

Executive Committee
Maureen Gilewski – Co-Chair

Vacant – Co-Chair

Sharon Bodrick – Secretary

Felicity Wray – Treasurer

Board Members

Manolo Betancur
Cathy Buchhofer
Kathy Buckley
Liz Millsaps Haigler
David High
Helene Hilger
Letty Ketner
John Leonard
Noah Mesgane
Jimmy Sanchez
Leigh Shipman
Brenda Slade
Mike Sullivan
Tina Whittaker
Theodore Williams
Louise Woods