3145-A North Sharon Amity Road

Owner: Kareem Mabrok
Chef/Partner: Bashar Alkurdi
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Al Basha Grill & Hookah is a new edition to the East Charlotte restaurant scene opening earlier this summer and serving Mediterranean style cuisine.

Even though the restaurant is new, owner Kareem Mabrok, an Egyptian by birth, and chef Bashar Alkurdi originally from Syria, have a long history in the food industry. Both men were in the restaurant business in their respective countries and brought that knowledge here with them. They have both been players in the Charlotte restaurant scene for nearly twenty years and were separately involved in local favorites such as Sam’s Deli, San Remo, Mickey & Mooch and Jerusalem Restaurant. They teamed up for their latest endeavor.

With Al Basha, Kareem was looking to create a more intimate atmosphere than his previous endeavors. For Bashar, food is his passion. He wants people to experience the flavors of a different culture, creating his dishes with authentic, traditional ingredients. Presentation is a key part of the dining experience for Bashar. It’s part of his philosophy and passion for food that he wants to share with others. “Your eyes are going to eat before your mouth; my food is an extension of my heart.”

The interior of the restaurant has a warm and intimate feel decorated in deep reds and black. It also features a large outdoor stone patio where patrons can eat and enjoy a hookah with one of the many flavored tobaccos offered on the menu. The hookah lounge has already become popular with the late night crowd.

The Al Basha kitchen is open daily from 10:30am until midnight for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The hookah lounge remains open until 2am. The restaurant also provides catering services and is available to host special events.

– Profile written by Kelly Reddecliff