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East African Cuisine is a family owned business that brings traditional East African food to the Charlotte community. Enjoy the Eritrean and Ethiopian offerings including:

Injera: A soft, stretchy, crepe-like flatbread. It is used as a utensil to pick up other foods that are eaten by hand. It is made from teff, a small but hardy gluten-free rye-like grain that is indigenous to east Africa.

Sambusa: A triangular deep-fried puff pastry stuffed with chicken, beef, or vegetables.

Aware: A spice blend made from ginger, nutmeg, mustard seed, and other ingredients. It is not as hot as berbere blend.

Berbere: A spice blend made of toasted, dried red chili peppers, ginger, garlic, cardamom, red onions, cloves, and salt.

East Africa 1Tesmi: House made clarified organic butter mixed with black cardamom, red onion, and other seasonings. It is slowly simmered for hours.

These unique flavors bring authentic east African cuisine to the area. The warm and relaxing dining room can seat parties of over twenty people. There are traditional Ethiopian coffees, teas, juices, and beers to accompany your meal. For dessert there is a cake called bobusa or fresh seasonal fruit. East African Cuisine is known for tibsi which is stewed meat in berbere spices over rice. Chicken and vegetable kabobs or kitfo, lean ground beef seasoned with mitmita and cooked in temsi.