Las Meras Tortas
Author: Denise Coleman
5661 Farm Pond Lane
Owner: Ruben Granados

When you think of Mexican street food, “antojitos” always come to mind. The literal translation for antojitos is “little craving.” So if you’re running around town and need to make a stop, chances are you’re looking for a restaurant, coffee shop, or take-out shop that sells antojitos. That is what you can expect to find at Las Meras Tortas.

This is the only place in Charlotte where you can find a Cemita Torta, a Mexican sandwich in a toasted bread roll with sesame seeds on top. Inside the sandwich is ham, Oaxaca Cheese, avocado and Milanese (beef or chicken) fried and dipped in chipotle sauce. In the mood for something spicy? You definitely need to try the Pambazo or a Torta Ahogada (it literally means drowned sandwich) with Mexican chorizo and potatoes and bread dipped in chile guajillo salsa. Be prepared to have sauce all over your hands! And don’t miss their Mexican corn on the cob — corn on a stick with mayo, fresh Mexican cheese, lime juice, and chili powder. In addition, they have several tortas on their menu — Mazatleca, Toluqueña, Oaxaqueña. Looking for a lighter “antojito”? You can find other items such as flautas, fried rolled up chicken tacos, popusas, baleadas.

Although their main courses are Mexican, they also offer other Central American dishes. With any sandwich order, you can switch the French fries for tasty fried yucca, which comes with a chile de árbol dipping sauce that has the right amount of acidity.

Local restaurant owner, Ruben Granados says this restaurant has a special place in his heart because even though it’s small, most people find something they like here. I say there are many things people will like at Las Meras Tortas!