Mily and Lalo
3210 North Sharon Amity Road
Owners: Mily & Lalo Villanueva

Mily and Lalo Villanueva are the owners and chefs directly in charge of preparing your culturally typical meals and desserts from Peru.

The original restaurant “Mily”, named after Mily Villanueva was founded in 1990 in Passaic, New Jersey. Mily and Lalo ran the restaurant in that location until the year 2000. During the ten year period, Mily and Lalo had the opportunity to visit Charlotte, North Carolina. They liked the climate and the city’s family-friendly atmosphere. As a result, they moved their business in 2001 to Charlotte. Over the past several years, while their restaurant location has changed from S. Tryon (2001-2005) to the Plaza Hotel on Carowinds Boulevard (2006-2007), and now to 3210 N. Sharon Amity Road, their commitment to quality, authentic food remains constant.

Lalo is the only Peruvian Chef in the Carolinas that still maintains truly authentic and traditional Peruvian food. The food prepared at Mily and Lalo’s is made from products directly from Peru and prepared for you the moment you make your order. They do not serve pre-prepared food dishes. Their fish and seafood dishes are fresh and of the highest quality. The chicken is cooked in a Peruvian oven with a 100% coal-based guarantee. The freshness and quality of their Peruvian food has no comparison anywhere in the Queen City.

Established and new customers are always welcome to enjoy true Peruvian cuisine as a result of 30 years of experience, 24 years of which have been spent in the United States. Mily and Lalo look forward to transporting you to Peru through the flavors of its food, beer and wine. Mily and Lalo have been recognized in media such as Spotlight, the Charlotte Observer, Creative Loafing, Que Pasa and El Progreso Hispano. Due to its outstanding traditional Peruvian food, it has been selected to participate in the “Taste of the World” for another year.