Panda’s Den
5724 E WT Harris Boulevard
Author: Emily Wu
Owner: Raymond Leung

Most people known Panda’s Den as a wonderful reliable neighborhood Chinese American Restaurant. Panda’s Den has been open at the same location since 1991. However, there is a second (authentic Chinese menu) that most people have never seen or know to ask for! The meals from this second menu are delicate and it reminds those of us who are Chinese of a great home cooked meal.

Raymond Leung, owner of Panda’s Den started with the restaurant as manger when it opened. He bought Panda’s Den over nine years ago when the original owner retired. “The secret to our success is giving our customers great reliable food at reasonable prices. Our customers want to be sure that they get real comfort food when they order Chinese American food,” Raymond told Taste of the World, “Panda’s Den has a great following of repeat customers.”

Taste of the World found out about the authentic Chinese menu at Panda’s Den when we saw groups of foreign Chinese students from UNCC ordering food that was not on the regular menu. We tried some of the authentic Chinese dishes and were delighted! However, do not be surprised if you cannot read the menu, it is all in Chinese. The good news is, if you open the menu, there are photos along with each dishes. Try the scallion pancake as an appetizer, you will love it. Not feeling well? Ask for the Chinese dumpling in chicken broth with vegetables, you will feel like it is like your mother chicken soup that will make you feel better. There are many mouth watering dishes you will enjoy trying.

One of the interesting things you will notice when you enter Panda’s Den are all the posters on the walls in the reception area. Panda’s Den and Raymond are great supporters of our local schools and area neighborhoods. The school children thank Panda’s Den by drawing colorful posters and signing their names.

Whether you like Chinese American food or authentic Chinese food, Panda’s Den is a great restaurant to visit and enjoy a delicious meal!