Pho Quynh



Author: Emily Wu

Pho Quynh is a small, fun, family owned, neighborhood authentic Vietnamese restaurant. All the dishes at Pho Quynh reflect their Southern Vietnam region, Thiet Phan, where the family heritage began. Quynh Phan and her partner opened the restaurant in September 2016. Quynh’s mother is the chef in the kitchen preparing all the dishes. Quynh helped her mother to start the restaurant because all her friends told her how much they missed a good authentic southern Vietnamese meal and how great her mother’s prepared dishes were for them.
As a Pho restaurant, Pho Quynh is famous for their wonderful hot beef both noodle soup. You can also get chicken broth if you like. Your order can be a combination of different meats in small, medium and large bowls. You choose the meat you want on the noodles. The Pho noodles always come with side dish of bean sprouts, basil, and fish sauce as garnish with your noodle bowl.

Every dish in Pho Quynh is made fresh when staff takes the customer’s order to the kitchen. For those who like their food spicy there are also Sriracha hot chili sauce and fish sauce on each table.
The rice dishes of Com Tam and Canh Chua are wonderful too. For those who want a gluten free meal, try the Bun dishes, they are made with vermicelli (rice or mung bean) noodles. If you have never had a Ban Xeo, Vietnamese Yellow Pancake, you must try it. Don’t forget to ask about the delicious Vietnamese cold drinks while you are there.
Quynh and her partner also mentioned their Vietnamese hot pot that they have in the winter. So, please come and enjoy a great meal and Pho Quynh!