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Owners: Dalton Espaillat and Miriam Espaillat
Three Amigos Mexican Grill and Cantina
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Original and authentic Mexican food prepared fresh daily—and nothing Americanized.

You might like Mexican food, but if you haven’t tasted the real thing–authenic Mexican fare like the food you’ll find at Three Amigos, you’re missing out. While the restaurant has been open for three years, until May it was known as La Casa de Las Enchilada.

“La Casa de Las Enchilada was hard to say for American customers,” said Dalton Espaillat. “We were well known [within the Mexican-American community], but we changed the name to Three Amigos, something more people can relate to. I think before, some people were afraid to come in because they weren’t sure if we would have a bunch of people who don’t speak English. Now we have bilingual staff. It’s something we’ve put a lot of effort into.”

Another thing your friends at Three Amigos put great effort into is the food preparation. Everything is made from scratch and with fresh ingredients. And anything you eat there was prepared that day.

“We don’t save any rice, beans, or cooked meat for use the next day,” Espaillat said. “Usually Mexican restaurants cook that rice for two or three days. We don’t do that. Everything is fresh and our food reflects that. It’s original Mexican food—nothing Americanized.”

Three Amigos is most known for two things: its enchiladas and its margaritas. One of the things that makes the enchiladas so sought after is the mole (pronounced mo-lee), a sauce made with 16 spices that takes an entire day to make. And the margaritas are made with fresh lime juice; no margarita mix here.

At Taste of the World, Espaillat said you can expect a very traditional Mexican meal, “like you would eat if you went to Mexico.” And if you’re looking for a bargain, try the 99-cent tacos each weekday from 2-5 p.m.

– Profile written by Jarvis Holliday